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Let's keep the money conversation going. I have two groups that will help!

The FREE Women, Wealth & Wine Facebook Group and my private Women & Wealth Society - two places where women come to learn, understand, practice and share about their money lives, so they can live the lives they love.

I can help you choose the one that's right for you!

Join Women, Wealth & Wine 

Come join my FREE Facebook group! I'll give you helpful tips and a place where you can ask money questions and connect with a group of women who want to make better financial decisions.

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Join the Women & Wealth Society

Ready to join my Women & Wealth Society group - a community of women who are all moving from “messy” to “wealthy” together.

For $27/month you get a safe space to talk about money - your ideas, experiences, tips and wins. Get the coaching, accountability and updates you need to keep the momentum going! 




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